Dumpster Permit Information: How to Get Dumpster Permit?

We made it easy for you to find answers and to obtain required permits.

Dumpster Permit Information

Dumpster permits are required, if the container is on public property, such as a street or a sidewalk.  Generally, these permits are falling underclass of permits to occupy the public right of way or permit to use the street. Cities' building departments or public works are issuing and enforcing these permits.

Dumpster permits are not required if the container is going on privately owned land such as a driveway.  If your neighborhood has a homeowners association, you may also need permission from them before placing a dumpster on a residential street.

How to Obtain a Dumpster Permit

The permit obtaining process may vary from city to city. Usually, it is obtained by the container service provider. However, sometimes the dumpster service provider can not apply for one and the customer is responsible for obtaining the permit.

To find out if your location requires a dumpster rental permit please give us a call or contact your city/town public works department.

Find Out if Your Location Requires a Dumpster Permit

Give us a call at 1-920-409-4477 and we will help you to obtain one.

If we can not obtain the required permits and you are responsible for obtaining the required permits, you should contact your city's public works and they will help you with the application process.

Generally, the application is completed within the same day; however, sometimes special permissions may delay the process. The fees for the permits vary from city to city depending on the project and duration.

Please note:  if the neighborhood has a homeowners association, please check their ordinances as well,  And if required, obtain the necessary permission for using a dumpster.


Sheboygan Dumpster Permit $25

The City of Public Public Works is issuing dumpster permits for use on public spaces. Here is the link for an application for permit to occupy public right of way

Sheboygan Falls Permit $25

For dumpster use in public spaces, the city requires minimal building permit. View and download the application form.

Village of Kohler $25

Prior ordering the dumpster, call the Kohler Police Department at (920) 459-3877 to apply and obtain the dumpster permit.

City of Plymouth Permit $25

For the dumpster permit for use on public streets. Fill out the APPLICATION FOR STREET USE PERMIT and apply at the City's Public Works Department

More permit information links and contact below for other towns and villages in Sheboygan County.

Towns Application Name Contact
Adell Building Permit 920-994-8620
Beechwood ROW Permit Town of Scott
Cascade Building Permit 920-528-8642
Cedar Grove ROW Permit 920-207-3799
Elkhart Lake ROW Permit 920-876-2122
Gibbsville Building Permit  Town of Lima


Towns Application Name Contact
Johnsonville ROW Permit Sheboygan Falls
Lima ROW Permit 920-627-1725
Lyndon ROW Permit 920-838-3249
Mosel ROW Permit 920-946-7844
Oostburg Moving Permit 920-9464-270
Random Lake Street Permit 920-994-4852