Our Story

This is who we are and what we love and enjoy doing everyday.

Our Midwest Recycling Story

Midwest Recycling Corporation, MRC, is a newly formed organization that excitedly accepts the responsibility of managing our community's consumer and industrial waste by properly recycling and remanufacturing it for further industrial use.

MRC removes and recycles various waste materials including electronics, glass, metal, plastic, and paper. Our services provide flexible solutions to meet every commercial and residential customer's needs.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to serve our community by providing sustainable waste management services. Our Vision is to continuously pursue maximum sustainability by transforming waste management, starting when the initial waste is generated, and finishing when the waste is properly removed and recycled. This is to achieve zero pollution and contamination worldwide.

Goals and Values

Our Goal is continuously to improve and apply the best-known recycling practices to free our communities from possible contamination or waste.

Our Services

Here at Midwest Recycling, we offer removal and recycling of various waste materials, including commercial and residential appliances, electronics, glass, metal, plastic, and paper. We provide flexible solutions to meet the needs of every commercial and residential customer. Whether it is organized, separated material or mixed load, we are here to help you save time and money!

MRC accepts home and garden equipment, electronic waste, furniture, lumber, wood pallets, paper, glass, plastic on a contract and non contract (one time) basis at various rates. Please contact us for quotes on pick up and subscription services

For your convenience, you can order and instantly schedule online curbside pickup now here.  For smaller loads check out our disposal fees here.

Our Belief

We strive to provide our customers with the finest service, value, and quality in the scrap metal recycling industry. In addition to being good corporate citizens dedicated to employees, customers, and the community in which we operate, we will succeed by being the most efficient transporter, processor, and marketer of recyclable metals.

Our Work

MRC's work allows our customers to remove and recycle their waste with or without separating the materials, which is then handled separately by the collection provider. Our company currently works with single-stream recycling facilities across the Midwest because the single-stream recycling process eliminates the need for customers to separate their recyclable items before they are collected.




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